The "best" 3-hole puncher?! OXO moves out of the kitchen and into the office.

Ok, hole punchers aren't the sort of item that we usually get excited about, but as far as mundane office desktop equipment goes, the OXO 3-hole punch is one impressive piece of kit:  


What's so great about it?

  • Unlike your typical $15 Swingline or Acco brand hole puncher cut from light gauge stamped metal, this $25 OXO hole puncher is heavily built and cuts cleanly through up to 20 sheets of paper with a finely machined precision.
  • The tight build tolerance means that the little hole punching "cylinders" never get stuck, and that the comfortable rubber coated punching bar always rises back up to its starting position.
  • It's clear here that someone paid close attention to aesthetics and ergonomics -- it looks good and feels good. It has some style, which probably makes it the only hole puncher that does. On the ergonomic front, the OXO is constructed using two joints rather than one (watch the demo video at to understand what I mean), which allows for greater leverage and a more direct application of force to the punching cylinders. It's attractive enough and clever enough of a design that it's the sort of product that you might otherwise have stumbled across at the gift shop of your local museum of modern art.
  • The resulting confetti lands in a compartment that can't be accidentally opened as sometimes happens with cheaper hole punchers. And as odd an observation as this may be, you can actually see the quality of the product in the crisply cut edges of each individual piece of confetti.

The upshot: The OXO isn't intended to be a industrial strength device that's designed to punch through 50 sheets of paper at a time, but for normal office duty, it's the easily the best hole puncher on the market, both in terms of function, and look and feel. While it isn't cheap, I love great design, and using this hole puncher is enough of a pleasure that I almost look for excuses to punch. In fact, the OXO is nicely enough built and designed that it might even make for a interesting (though admittedly quirky) gift. Where to buy: The OXO hole punch was rolled out recently at Staples along with a full line of OXO office products (none of which is as impressive as this hole puncher). Staples still has the exclusive. Check out the large number of positive reviews on