Best Gift Ideas for Wives

The holidays are already upon us. Frankly I feel the diminishing level of joy I feel toward the holidays every year is another big sign that I am aging (sigh..). Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Scrooge. Christmas is the season of giving after all and I love seeing the face of a loved one light up because of a perfect gift I picked out. But I hate holiday shopping. Worse yet, I hate the process of figuring out what everyone wants even more.

For those lucky male readers out there, I have searched high and low for some clever, unique, not-so-expensive gift ideas that show the love of your life that “you truly care.”

#1: ME TIME!

That’s right. Some quality (quantity doesn't hurt either) alone time in an empty house with no interruptions is something all busy wives dare to dream about. If I want to spend all night in my robe, eating cereal for dinner, and watching episodes of I love Genie, so Be It! I got the idea from an article called The #1 Holidays Gift for Wives; What She Really Wants This Year but I have actually asked for this very thing for a Mother’s Day. It was a few years ago when my kids were just toddlers and I remember moping around the house missing and worrying about them. Well I am wiser now :-)

If you are not brave enough to take the kids out and keep them busy all day, I also found some great ideas in this Associated Content article called Top Ten Gifts for Your Wife. There were conventional ideas like a day of pampering at Day Spa and lingerie but there were also unique ones: a second mini honeymoon, signing her up for a class to learn something she always wanted to learn, and a gift certificate for a house keeping services, and a gift certificate for a girl’s night out.

Diamonds are forever?

If you have your heart set on buying her jewelry, consider Moissanite. I am a bit of a rare breed of my gender and prefer a bigger bank account vs. beautiful jewelry but I will forever cherish the Moissanite necklace my husband bought me. What a beautiful yet sensible gift that was! Really showed that he understood me.